Pulau Dewata Bali 

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Kepulauan Riau, : Keindahan tanah lot baliKepulauan Riau, : Danau Bedugul Bali IndonesiaKepulauan Riau, : Perairan uluwatu wisata pulau baliKepulauan Riau, : Tanjung Benoa Pulau BaliKepulauan Riau, : Pantai Kuta BaliKepulauan Riau, : Ombak Pantai Kuta Bali

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Pantai Selong Belanak, Lombok – NTB 

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Kepulauan Riau, : keindahan Pantai Selong BelanakKepulauan Riau, : Keindahan Pemandangan Pantai Selong BelanakKepulauan Riau, : Pantai Selong BelanakKepulauan Riau, : pemandangan Pantai Selong BelanakKepulauan Riau, : Panorama Pantai Selong BelanakKepulauan Riau, : Pantai Selong Belanak dari villa

4. Kondisi jalan dari Kuta menuju lokasi pada saat itu sangat rusak parah jadi anda dituntut untuk lebih berhati-hati dalam menggunakan kendaraan (kondisi jalan untuk saat ini mungkin sudah bagus).. Read More

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Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau 

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Kepulauan Riau, : keindahan pesisir pantai sembulangKepulauan Riau, : perahu nelaya di pantai sembulangKepulauan Riau, : pantai sembulangKepulauan Riau, : pondok di pantai sembulang

Wisata.. Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto pondok di pantai sembulang diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

Pantai Simping, singkawang – Kalimantan Barat 

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Kepulauan Riau, : panorama pulau simpingKepulauan Riau, : lokasi pulau simpingKepulauan Riau, : pulau simping , pulau terkecil di indonesia

Lantas darimana sebenarnya sumber yang mengklaim Pulau Simping adalah pulau terkecil di dunia. Mantan Lurah Sedau, Kecamatan Singkawang Selatan, Singkawang, Bastian Bakri menjelaskan bagaimana proses terjadinya penyebutan Pulau Simping sebagai pulau terkecil... Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto pulau simping , pulau terkecil di indonesia diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

California Sports Betting Faces Tough But Not Impossible Road 

Published on September 5, 2019 at 7:00am By dian - Filed under Kepulauan Riau

California is the fifth largest economy in the world — if you carved it out of the US — but is still in the 20th Century regarding gaming law.
With a projected first-year tax earnings of $100 million, an individual would feel that California would want sports betting legalized as swiftly as possible. But…it might be five years, if not longer, before sports gambling is legalized in the state.
A lot of the challenge is the lack of understanding of the territory, and how the stakeholders interact with each other and the state authorities. Hopefully this guide will clear some of the smoke from the room.
As it is the second sector this decade that has flipped from prohibited to regulated, California already has some expertise in that regard. I will attempt to decode here exactly what the problems are, in the expectation that better comprehension of those issues will help get to a win/win for all parties involved as efficiently as possible.
The lay of this property for California sports gambling Present-day stakeholders in CA gaming include these three things:
Horse racing tracks
The cardrooms
Cardrooms are legal since 1936 (draw pokerhold’em along with other poker matches were held to be lawful in 1987, player-banked table games were lawful at 1988). In all three instances, the cardrooms had to go to court, challenge the state’s gambling statute, and win.
They’re subject to state law, which was criticized (and justly so, in my estimation ) by tribal gambling interests. They are a politically powerful enough group, but pale by comparison to the political power the tribes have in California.
Tribal gaming
Tribes originally offered bingo, then after winning the landmark Cabazon instance in 1987, which led to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, proceeded on to slot machines, player-banked table games between cards (house-banked card matches in 1993), and finally went to the electorate to get their casinos fully legal in 2000. The ballot initiative, Prop 1A, amended the California Constitution as follows:
The Legislature has no power to authorize, and shall prohibit, casinos of the type currently operating in Nevada and New Jersey. (Art. IV, Sec. 19 (e))
The tribes (or rather, their lawyers and lobbyists) have translated this to mean that they have a monopoly on anything that could be given in a casino, which would include sports betting.
While horse racing is generally considered to be a mature business, with two major paths closing in the last ten years since the land has been more precious set to housing and other uses, it is still a popular pastime for a lot in California, and the horsemen have political clout as well.
How they all intersect
As one might expect, the three stakeholders do not like each other.
The real stakeholders, naturally, are the people of California, who’d probably see tax revenues exceeding $100 million in the first year of operation, and upwards of that as the market matures.
On the other hand, the CA state budget is roughly $180 billion a year, so everything is relative. An individual would think there’s enough cash to go around this time, which was not the case with online poker, which a minority of California tribes managed to conquer in the legislature on a nine-year (and counting) period.
A short legislative history of sport gambling in California
Sports gambling has been discussed at the legislature for almost two decades now. Historical in 2016, Assemblyman Adam Gray (D-Merced), who’s also chair of the Meeting’s Governmental Organizational Committee (which manages, among other things, gaming in the country ) introduced AB 1573, which could create a frame for offering sports betting.
The bill has been rather vanilla in terms of regulation: service suppliers licensing using a stakeholder to provide solutions. For many reasons, including the national sports betting ban was intract in the moment, the bill never got past a reading, nor was there some type of informational hearing on the situation.
Assemblyman Gray returned 2017 with ACA 18, which would change the California Constitution to allow the legislature to govern sports gambling. This also went nowhere, although it’s interesting to remember that Gray may or may not have had his own deadline backwards.
Generally, with regards to gaming expansion in California, you need the electorate to approve a ballot proposal , then the legislature would compose and approve regulations for this. There may or might not be a suggestion here that lawmakers believed it originally would not require voter approval to promulgate sports gambling regulations.
Transforming the constitution?
In the end, a group referred to as”Californians For Sports Betting” declared it would be attempting to get an initiative on the 2020 ballot which would repeal the aforementioned clause approved by the electorate in 2000.
The first ballot proposal sought to strike down Article IV, Sec 19 (e) of the California Constitution. I originally thought this ballot proposal was sponsored by a sportsbook, because nobody with knowledge of how California politics works would understand that the tribes would spend upwards of $100 million, and not batting an eye writing the checks, to conquer this measure and protect their property interests.
This accomplished was the following:
It irritated the tribes , they used their political power to have any hearings canceled on the topic, thus effectively killing any laws for 2018.
The step also annoyed the cardroom business, since it preempted whatever they were trying to achieve with sports gambling, and because many tribes (wrongly) would believe the cardrooms were supporting the invoice (they were not ). There is not a great deal of trust at this time between the cardrooms and the sportsbook operators.
There is a fear among both a few tribes and a few cardroom operators that the sportsbooks could just sweep in and dominate the gaming industry, and want to learn more before deciding how to move. Whether this fear is logically based is not relevant.
A rewrite of the ballot measure
The promoters did rewrite the initiative a few months later, which left Art IV, Sec 19 (e) unchanged, but restricting the governor from negotiating compacts with tribes that want to run off-reservation gaming (which many tribes probably would support), and immediately authorizing the legislature to regulate sports betting, in the manner suggested by Gray’s 2016 AB 1573.
So, the present version of the ballot initiative looks more like it had been written by a party with some sophistication as to how gaming functions in California, or at least got some help on the issue.
Finally, I’d anticipate some version of the previous ACA 18 or AB 1573, or maybe both, to surfaced soon after the legislature reconvenes after the holidays.
Who’ll get to split the cash, and if?
The stumbling block in all this is an unnecessary battle regarding who gets to own the game.
The tribes originally tried to play the cardbut realizing the monitors are simply too powerful to be excluded, enlisted them in an alliance against the cardrooms.
What’s more, it is not a fantastic appearance to say you are against sports gambling, as some tribes and tribal assistants have stated, when you’re not only remodeling your unprofitable off-track-betting facility, you’re marketing the joys of it also. In fairness, tribal interests are not necessarily aligned on this problem, based on the tribe. As you are going to see, there is going to be something here for everyone who’s spent in this to hate.
The biggest problem, as I see California, is you have two big entities who operate gaming companies with substantial political power, but actually do not understand either gambling nor the casino enterprise.
Cardrooms and tribes stand to gain Cardrooms can’t have some interest in the results of any deal in their own cardroom. Moreover, although some operators think of being able to bank their own games (and hence remove the (Third-Party Providers of Proposition Player Services or TPPPS), the truth is that specific learning curve will be steep and likely very costly. Game protection is an entirely different animal when it’s your bankroll whatsoever.
Tribal members receive a test, and if they are lucky, a wholesome check, each month from gaming revenues, but don’t really understand how that check is created. So, you’ve got two associated, regulated industries which are essentially mom and pop businesses, regardless of the size of these, that normally rely on other people to advise them how to run their businesses.
The tribes generally are happy with the status quo and also leary of anything but, and that’s certainly understandable.
There are not any visionary Jack Binion or Terry Lanni clones in tribal gambling or the cardroom market. What confusion that comes from that is certainly understandable. Sadly, this brings in a number of celebrities that don’t always have their customers or investors best interests in mind.
No shortage of unsympathetic parties
The tribes, for the most part, rely on their corporate lawyers and lobbyists, who, for the large part, oblige them by treating them like ATM machines, selling unneeded, unnecessary, and most importantly, unwinnable conflict.
The latest development is a lawsuit filed last month by two Southern California tribes from numerous cardrooms, asserting they are conducting banked table games in breach of their so-called monopoly on table games.
The first problem is that if that is true, they are suing the wrong people; their beef is with the condition. The next problem is that if you’re going to sue the State over violation of compact (the appropriate filing and cause of action here), this litigation always is observed in federal court. Since there’s a failure to join a necessary party to the litigation (the State of California) which likely won’t agree to be sued in state court, the likely outcome is most likely the issue will be dismissed on procedural grounds.
Effective regulation?
On the other hand, you have a range of”old school” cardroom shareholders that keep score by how much they could make, but by how much they can get over. You have a few operators who frankly shouldn’t, in my view, hold gaming licenses, along with the tribes’ complaints into the country about their inability to govern (read”discipline”) these operators is a valid one.
Additionally, it rather begs the question whether or not the state is properly equipped to actually enforce bad behavior (as opposed to letting the miscreants write a test to”settle” the accusations). If they can not reverse a licensee for egregious anti-money laundering violations, it makes one wonder if they could fairly regulate a business which handles substantially more cash.
The tribes have fought the cardrooms for a number of years on the so-called player-banked game issue. Cardrooms, because of California legislation, can offer table games, as long as the players charge the games rather than the house. Services known as TPPPS will charge the games when no one would like to. The occurrence of these companies is at root the heart and soul of the beef the tribes have with the nation.
They assert that they have a”monopoly” on table games and slot machines, in which the reality is that they probably have neither. They know this, too. For years, they’ve threatened all kinds of litigation.
The problem is, any lawsuit against the State of California would always occur in federal court, rather than say. Why is this significant? Having a US District Court judge, which will be an appointed for life position, the judgment is going to be on the law, and only the law, rather than the political triangulation elected state court judges frequently offer as a guise to interpreting the law.
To find past motion in federal court, you are going to have to prove you’ve been injured; Quite simply, you are going to need to prove you actually have a monopoly. Hanging your hat on a richly composed section of the state constitution is a surefire way to sabotage what monopoly can exist within your mind.
While courts have employed the term”monopoly” in their opinions regarding tribal gaming in California, there’s been no explicit grant of a biography by the electorate. The constitutionality of Art IV Sec 19 (e) has never been contested, in my view the clause is cloudy, particularly in light that the tribes might have choosen more direct speech in composing the ballot proposal.
Moreover, from the lawsuit that has previously taken place, it’s been by individual members of tribes suing as individuals, using some creative procedures for getting their grievances aired in (country ) court. So, looking at things from a purely historic fashion, the tribes likely know exactly where they are at with all of this.
The truth is CA sports gambling There are four issues that are real and static.
The convenience Element First, cardroom customers are almost invariably customers of advantage. Consider the man who’d rather shop at 7-Eleven (bad selection, high costs ) than the Safeway, because the 7-Eleven is across the street and he has to drive ten minutes to the Safeway.
Most gamblers only wish to be in action whenever possible. That is why a gambler who lives in Alhambra, east of downtown Los Angeles, which is perhaps 45 minutes from San Manuel, among the best locals casinos everywhere, prefer to drive the 15 minutes to Commerce Casino, though the amenities are inferior and the price of gaming is much higher.
As such, even though a number of those table games went away tomorrow, the cardroom consumer would likely just return to enjoying the conventional player-banked matches (i.e. Pai gow tiles, Pai gow poker, etc) or poker. Yes, cardroom earnings would fall marginally but the tribes could get very little of that. Definitely no matter the millions they have invested with the attorneys and lobbyists on this specific issue so far, for certain.
Second, the actual complaint that the tribes have with the cardrooms on sports gambling, is all about the actual estate. The cardrooms, which the larger ones are almost exclusively in metropolitan areas, the real estate favors the cardrooms.
With any debut of sports betting, it’s possible that the path will replicate what other authorities have done before: roll out the product as land-based only to get started. This is about to the tribes, but perhaps they don’t have any reason to be concerned. Let us take the man or woman who resides in West LA, would he like to drive 20-30 minutes to Hollywood Park (or a little longer to Gardena or the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens) or double that time to San Manuel, Pechanga or Chumash to make a bet?
This is not really business the tribes are getting anyway, and you are almost certainly losing business because of it. Quite similar to the table games difficulty, in my view.
What is the plan?
Third, it is fairly clear the sportsbooks don’t have a strategy for California, at least however. Exhibit A would be the first ill-advised ballot proposition, which killed any possibility of getting the matter to the voters in 2018, and certainly did not help matters for 2020 and possibly beyond.
Many European operators are online only; the thought of doing retail (walkup, conventional ) mortifies some of these. But they’re also natural partners for the cardrooms, as in almost any legislation that goes through, the cardrooms likely wouldn’t be able to accept stakes themselves, and would be consigned to charging rent to their operator-tenant.
Thus, some of this delay in the procedure is technology-driven, or rather the inability of some contemporary online operators to operate a”conventional” sportsbook. However, some operators have walkup novels in Nevada, the united kingdom, along with other authorities and can surely use their expertise to a competitive edge if and when California opens for business.
Finally, and most importantly in my opinion, unlike the struggle to get internet poker legalized, there’s more than enough cash to go around. Pretax earnings to get a mature California marketplace, retail books simply, was estimated to approach $1 billion, or about 40 times what online poker has been estimated to bring in.
In a ten percent tax rate, which will be a sensible one for all parties involved, taxation earnings could approach $100 million.
Suggestion box
Though the legislature has traditionally deferred to the stakeholders to hammer out their own deal and contact them, maybe its time to get the legislature to legislate more harshly instead of defer, because of the quantity of potential tax revenue involved.
As stated initially, the actual stakeholders in this are the people of the State of California, and as such they are owed a duty by the individuals who represent them in Sacramento to find this issue to ballot as economically as possible. Especially as there will be layers within this, because of the underlying preceding disputes, the legislature will be well advised to be much more proactive this time round... Read More

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Deciding On Uncomplicated Secrets For russian mail order wives 

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Most of all it takes placing your self out there and really assembly people. When you’ve spent the time to read this article, you are well outfitted russian brides to start your search. However you’ll by no means discover the individual you are on the lookout for sitting behind a computer and reading how-to articles... Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto pulau simping , pulau terkecil di indonesia diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

Pantai Amed Bali 

Published on October 22, 2013 at 9:30am By dian - Filed under Kepulauan Riau
Kepulauan Riau, : Sunset-Pantai-Amed-baliKepulauan Riau, : Wisata-Pantai-Amed-BaliKepulauan Riau, : Kapal-Nelayan-Amed-BaliKepulauan Riau, : Keindahan-Pantai-AmedKepulauan Riau, : Pantai-Amed-Bali

Pantai Amed merupakan salah satu pantai eksotik di Bali. Inilah surga khusus dari kecantikan eksotis yang luar biasa, budaya hidup dan wajah-wajah orang yang ramah. Di sini Anda akhirnya dapat menemukan kedamaian dan ketenangan, menikmati makanan yang enak dan menikmati keuntungan dari akomodasi yang nyaman dan murah... Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto Pantai-Amed-Bali diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

Gili Ketapang, Probolinggo – Jawa Timur 

Published on September 7, 2014 at 9:56am By tanzil - Filed under Kepulauan Riau
Kepulauan Riau, : Goa KucingKepulauan Riau, : Keindahan Perairan gili KetapangKepulauan Riau, : Kapal di perairan Gili KetapangKepulauan Riau, : Suasana Senja di Gili KetapangKepulauan Riau, : Suasana Pesisir Pantai Gili KetapangKepulauan Riau, : Gili Ketapang

Menurut legenda setempat, pulau ini dulunya menyatu dengan daratan Desa Ketapang (Pulau Jawa), yang kemudian secara gaib bergerak lamban ke tengah laut, karena gempa yang dahsyat akibat letusan Gunung Semeru. Nama Gili Ketapang berasal dari bahasa Madura, gili yang artinya mengalir, dan Ketapang merupakan nama asal desa tersebut... Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto Gili Ketapang diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

Rugby World Cup 2019: Warren Gatland shocked as Rob Howley sent home 

Published on September 11, 2019 at 7:00am By dian - Filed under Kepulauan Riau

” {We and our partners utilize technology.. Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto Gili Ketapang diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

Selecting Sensible Plans Of Best Cbd Oil For Anxiety 

Published on April 25, 2019 at 7:00am By dian - Filed under Kepulauan Riau

This Colorado-based family business launched in 2018 with a line of THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil merchandise. In that brief time, they’re already making an enormous splash with their natural components and exemplary customer support. We don’t recommend using our CBD oil in vape pens or e-cigarettes. Our oils aren’t designed for combustion... Read More

Pesona Kepulauan Riau : Foto Gili Ketapang diatas, adalah salah satu bahasan informasi tentang Pantai Sembulang, Batam – Kepulauan Riau, yang berada dalam Kategori Kepulauan Riau.

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